Q: Do I need to buy new gutters if I have Original Gutter Cover installed?

A: No. Original Gutter Cover can be installed over your existing gutters. So if your gutters are new or in good shape, you do not need new gutters.

Q: How does Original Gutter Cover work?

A: Original Gutter Cover directs water into your gutters while preventing solid debris (leaves, twigs, branches) from entering and clogging your gutters.

Q: How does Manufacturer Direct Original Gutter Cover compare to competing products?

A: Original Gutter Cover has many advantages over other gutter protection products. Click here to see a comparison. (see Comparison)

Q: What is Original Gutter Cover made of?

A: Original Gutter Cover is constructed of heavy-duty, weather-resistant aluminum.

Q: Without Original Gutter Cover, what happens when I don’t clean my gutters three or four times a year?

A: If your gutters are not frequently maintained, they will likely get clogged with debris. If your gutters are clogged, they don’t work properly.  That is to say, they don’t carry water safely away from your home.

Q: How long does Original Gutter Cover require for installation?

A: In most cases, Original Gutter Cover is installed in under a day.

Q: Who installs Original Gutter Cover?

A: Manufacturer Direct Original Gutter Cover is installed by our certified and factory-trained installers. Then every installation is inspected afterward and warranted by Original Gutter Cover, so you can rest assured that your installation will meet our high quality standards.

Q: Will Original Gutter Cover keep the critters out of my gutters?

A: Yes. Original Gutter Cover will prevent nesting birds and other animals from entering your gutters and causing a problem.

Q: Does the Original Gutter Cover carry a warranty?

A: Yes. Original Gutter Cover carries the Manufacturer’s transferable limited lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to never clog again, so you will not ever have to clean your gutters in the future!

Q: If our gutters are beyond repair, what can you do for me?

A: When your specialist reviews your gutters, they will determine if your gutters are beyond repair. If your gutters are beyond repair, we can install new gutters for you prior to installing Original Gutter Cover. We surprise many homeowners and save them money by using their existing gutters.

For more information about Original Gutter Cover, call us today!  317-808-3900 or toll free 1-800-330-0411.

Q: How will I benefit from you being manufacturer direct?

A: Here are just a few benefits to dealing manufacturer direct:

Manufacturer-controlled installation = higher quality

Manufacturer-controls every aspect of the product, from its design to its delivery to you

Buying manufacturer direct means there are no middlemen to drive up cost, which means we can put more into the product and still offer a lower price.

Should you require warranty service, the warranty is backed by the manufacturer, making it a solid guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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