Look at the easy comparison chart below to see the differences and advantages that the Original Gutter Cover has over the competition.

The Competition   Original Gutter Cover

Many require new gutter purchase

Often only one or two colors

Some are bulky, some are unattractive screens

One piece-units can’t handle the heaviest rain

Other products don’t work well in light rain

Sold and installed through dealers – middlemen that drive up prices

Products vary with warranty, then rely on dealers to service

Short time they have been serving the homeowners in this market.

Can you count on them keeping their word?                                         


Works with your original gutters

Several colors to choose from

Attractive design

Works in the heaviest rains

Works in light rain, too

A manufacturer-direct product: quality-controlled installation, higher quality for a lower price

Lifetime transferable warranty, covered by the Manufacturer, Original Gutter Cover – no runaround.

Over 20 years serving Clients in the Midwest.

Manufacturer Direct Original

Gutter Cover keeps it’s word toeach Client.